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Hello! I'm a UX content designer and brand strategist who is passionate about user experience.

You've never heard of me, but that's because I'm sort of a ... UX secret weapon.

I love UX designers. I love how they think, the way they collaborate, and what they care about. Why?


Because today, digital experiences are your brand. Your UX team can make your brand sing, but they need to know the words. 


I'm a UX content designer. In my 23 years of creating, revitalizing, and expressing brands through content, I've found that my highest calling is to support digital product and UX leaders. 

From my work with Google to Whole Foods, Angi to RetailMeNot, and Big Commerce to Michael J. Fox Foundation, I love finding ways to make things clear, effortless, and compelling for real people.

Solving UX challenges with content is endlessly entertaining — it's like poetry or songwriting — where small, skillful choices create real meaning, drive bottom-line action, and spark brand love.

For most of my career, I've been hunkered down solving thorny brand, UX, and content problems at agencies including Czarnowski, frog design, Springbox, GSD&M, and Milkshake Media. 


Today, I am an experienced content designer and visual thinker who is highly skilled in supporting UX teams with websites, apps, email, and more.

If you need help bringing your brand voice to life across mission-critical user experiences, let's talk!

— Shelly Leyden

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